Monday, March 26, 2012

1st post

This is my first post! 
We will be talking about japanese manga, korean manwa and western comics!
Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Japanese Manga
Manga is the word used for comics/cartoons in Japan. Altough nowadays it is used for any sort of comic made in Japan. 
Manga is read from right to left. 

Korean Manhwa
Manhwa is the word for comics in Korean.
Manhwa is read from left to right (like western comics)

Western Comics
from the greek komikos, has both verbal and visual forms to convey a narrative. 


  1. cool can't wait to hear more... normally i just watched anime, but manga is like a whole new world unto itself!

  2. I never knew the word komikos, thanks!

  3. Lovin the blog! New updates please!!/MemeDoctor

  4. Nice blog overall. Personally, I can't wait for the Korean comics; they were always the most interesting to me!