Friday, March 30, 2012

History on comics

This time I'd like to talk about popular western comics (or just comics). These have been around longer than many think and originated as narrative illustrations such as the Tarjan Column in 113AD Rome and some Renaissance paintings, but they were officially established and popularized in the late 1890s thanks to the industrial revolution's newspapers and magazines. 

tarjan's column

The 19th century brought many satirical drawings also called cartoons to life such as Max und Moritz a famous german comic. This time was also the birth of the Chinese form of comics called  Manhua.

It was in the 20th century that comics saw further booms in the industry. With comics such as Tintin by Hergé. And of course the birth of superhero comics with 1938 Action Comics #1 introducing Superman!
This made the superhero the defining genre of American comics.

In the late 1970s the term graphic novel was made popular by authors like Frank Miller and Alan Moore.

Since then comics, alongside the similar forms of film and animation, have been a part of our cultures and continue to entertain us.
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  1. i love comics, they have a lot of philosophical content in them=D

  2. I bet they spent ages of the artwork of comics like superman.

  3. I had no idea, Comics have been around for so long.

  4. Looking forward to new posts! :D!/MemeDoctor

  5. I often wonder why they don't make a comic series about Jesus. I mean he did have super powers and did some really cool stuff in his time...I'm just sayin the guy walked on water.

  6. hahaha true that! would be some kickass comic :P

  7. Alan Moore made some of the best ones

  8. Interesting post. Lot of learn on this subject for someone like me.